CDT 2016 

In 2016, we hiked about 2,200 miles of the Continental Divide Trail, which goes from Mexico to Canada by way of the Rocky Mountains. We had a four-month time limit due to work obligations, so were not able to finish the trail in 2016. We started at the border of Mexico/New Mexico and made it to Lima, Montana. 

We are currently hiking through Montana to finish the CDT. This year’s journey consists of about 800 miles from Lima to the Canadian border. Check out those posts here

Here are CDT 2016 blog posts. I am still working on 2016 posts retroactively and hope to have those finished soon. Thanks for reading!! 

The CDT: Pre-trail thoughts

CDT Days 1-2

CDT Days 3-4

CDT Days 5-8: Lordsburg to Silver City

CDT Days 9-11: Silver City to Doc Campbell’s Post

Days 12-14: Back into the Gila

Days 15-17: Onward to Pie Town!

Days 18-19: Jam sessions and beef in Pie Town

Days 20-22: dirt roads to Grants

Days 23-27: cows, mesas, and bears, oh my!

Days 28-31: Ghost Ranch

Days 32-35: Last days in New Mexico

Days 36-39: Into the San Juans

Day ???? June 29th

Days 40-43: The High San Juans, Part One

Days 44-47: The High San Juans, Part Two