Day ???? June 29th

makeshift shade, avoiding hiking

Guest blog post, by Phil.  Julia is quite particular about her beloved blog. My post may not make it out of the cutting room.

But anyway, here we sit a mile from the Wolf Creek Pass trailhead after spending a night off trail in Pagosa Springs.  Yesterday while wandering around Pagosa Springs we went into a local outdoor store and were immediately pegged as thru hikers by the store employees.  They were sweet and interested in our time on trail, so we were happy to share.

The store owner Addie, whom we had been chatting with, promptly asked how we were getting back to the Wolf Creek Pass trailhead, some 23 miles from Pagosa Springs.  We shared that we intended to hitch hike the following morning.  Addie was not pleased.  She almost insisted on giving us a ride to the trailhead the following morning and not only that but offered to feed us breakfast prior to departure.  How could we say no?  7:30 the next morning (today) came too quickly, Addie arrived, picked us up, took us to her lovely home, fed us waffles and then drove us to the trailhead.  Thanks Addie, your kindness and generosity mean more than you know.
However, Julia and I are not ready to hike.  So here we sit a mile from the trailhead avoiding hiking, writing blog posts, eating to lighten pack weight and awaiting inspiration to begin the next leg of our CDT journey, 6 days and 120 miles of hiking through the high San Juan mountains in Colorado.

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